BONUM Engineering & Consultancy

We offer ship / power plant operators and owners support by:

  • We offer ship & power plant operators / owners independent support by improving efficiency, & optimizing operation, maintenance cost, conversions”.
  • Efficiency and engine packages / Gas conversions tailor made for your installation on turnkey basis with premium parts”.

Our Core competence areas:

  • Engine and plant emissions and efficiency: technology evaluation
  • Process development and cost reduction:
    • Strategy development
    • Implementation of strategy in operation excellence
  • Root cause investigations
    • Measurement and instrumentation
  • Interim positions and coaching
    • Management
    • Operations and project management
    • Start ups

What we deliver:

  • Engine upgrade packages
  • Power plant upgrade packages: gas conversions and heat recovery
  • EPC contract and Financing: project development
  • Renewable energy, wind turbines
  • Engine efficiency monitoring
  • Alpha spares:
    • For Bonum upgrade packages
    • Supporting in customer cost optimization

Digitalization is a tool enabling efficient operation in the future. As part of the digitalization platform we offer instrumentation and data collections.

Data collection and analyses is the base for any further development of digital platform.

In many cased the existing instrumentation needs to be enhanced in order to cover all the critical areas of operation, Safety, Reliability and Efficiency

Bonum digitalization:

Bonum digital platform offers a base for developing:

1. Engine specific KPI’s
2. Engine room KPI’s
3. Optimization of maintenance

In addition the platform can be extended to cover other essentials areas and systems

Technologies and offering

Bonum offers upgrade packages for improving engine efficiency by means of Turbocharging, fuel injection equipment and combustion chamber optimization. We cooperate with all major component and technology suppliers insuring latest technology with high quality

For customer who has the need to extend their production capacity or build a new plant we offer a EPC contract. In addition to the EPC contract we can also offer financing at favorable conditions

  • The upgrade package for engine efficiency has a payback of less than 2 years. In addition to improved engine efficiency and emission levels will be improved. The thermal load of the engine can be adjusted to the need of the customer.
  • Gas conversion include the engine related equipment as well as the plant piping, safety and control systems. The engine and plant safety will be connected to the existing system.
  • For an extension or new plant the customer can choose the main equipment suppliers and the related technology based on their experiences and preferences.
  • Bonum offers different financing instruments for the EPC projects