BONUM R & D S.r.l.

Bonum R&D is registered at Camera di Commercio no 01283100327, based in Trieste, Vicolo del Castagneto 9, 34127, Trieste, Italy
Bonum R&D provides expertise support in development of technologies to ship & Power plant owners, operators, shipyards and engine manufactures.

Bonum R & D is specialized in:

- Technology development
- Concept evaluations
- Design, production, engine testing and validation in field
- Full scale engine testing in own facilites
- Mechanical design and integration
- Fuel expertise, Gas, Methanol and alternative fuels
- Combustion and emission expertise
- Asset optimization by means of KPI
- Technologies for asset evaluation
- Data analyses and KPI reporting

With over 10 years of experience

in 4-stroke large bore medium speed engine
- performance tuning
- technology development
- turbocharger matching and mechanical coupling on engine

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